About Us

TOUS les JOURS is a French-Asian Bakery, meaning of ‘EVERYDAY’,  serving a unique selection of bakery goods and beverages made with the highest quality ingredients from South Korea. For more information TOUS les JOURS Korea (CJ Group) , please visit www.tlj.co.kr

Beginning with its launch in the United States in 2004, It has established a reputable bakery café system in the United States, building on a brand image that is respected in Asian American communities and is expanding into other mainstream markets.

We currently have 33 stores throughout the United States, from east coast to west coast. We are expected to open more stores in the near future.

Right-out-of-the-oven freshness is essential for tasty bread, and TOUS les JOURS promises you’ll be delighted by the baked goods we make right on the premises.



Tous Les Jours:  

A European styled bakery-
A friendly service to your home, your family,
and to your neighbors.

img_bi_01Tous Les Jours Bread

Baked like your mothers goods…
only with fresh and pure
natural ingredients

Tous Les Jours Promises

Tous Les Jours Different from the start.
Tous Les Jours We start with flour.
Tous Les Jours Considering health as your top priority.
Tous Les Jours baking the traditional way.


CJ Foodville

Beginning a Journey as a Global Food Service & Culture Company

CJ Foodville Corporation started its business by opening a family restaurant business in 1994 and successfully launched a homegrown, Western-style family restaurant VIPS in 1997 to lay the foundation as a specialized food service company. CJ Foodville Corp. has grown as a firm, integrated food service company, splitting from CJ Corp. in 2000 and merging group’s franchise business division in October 2006.

CJ Foodville is a compound word combining ‘Food’ and ‘Village’, pursuing toward a comfortable, relaxing, and fun family restaurant where customers can feel the same way when enjoying having a meal with families and neighbors in the village. This is a strong expression of CJ Foodville to deliver family-like, touching service to customers.

Falling in love with 14 Types of Diversity, 1,800 Types of Happiness

CJ Foodville with its OnlyOne spirit of pursuing differentiated taste and quality as its No.1 value and its technical capability accumulated for over 10 years has developed creative and unique brands. Through such efforts, CJ Foodville currently runs 14 restaurant & franchise brands and multi-restaurant culture spaces, ‘CJ FoodWorld’.

Restaurant brands include premium steak house ‘VIPS’, global Korean food brand ‘Bibigo’, seafood family restaurant
‘SeafoodOcean’ and ‘Fisher’s Market’, unconventional Chinese casual restaurant ‘China Factory’, New York style dining cafe
‘The Place’, New York style traditional steak house ‘The Steak House by VIPS’, noodle restaurant ‘Cheiljemyunso’, homemade
burger restaurant ‘VIPS Burger’, and curry restaurant ‘Loco Curry’ and there are over 120 stores nationwide being operated under direct control.

Franchise brands include healthy bakery with different ingredients ‘TOUS les JOURS’, premium dessert cafe
‘A Twosome Place’, convenience cafe ‘Twosome Coffee’, and fresh & healthy premium ice cream ‘Cold Stone Creamery’ with 1,700 stores nationwide in operation under direct control or as franchises.



More Than Imagination, Multi-Restaurant Culture Space ‘CJ FoodWorld’

With its vision of ‘Create the World of New Food Culture’, CJ Foodville has been creating a place for everyone’s happiness, providing healthy taste and devoted service. Further, based on its business skills and know-how, CJ Foodville launched ‘CJ FoodWorld’, a food culture theme park, where customers can experience 17 brands of CJ Foodville and CJ Cheiljedang at one place, at CJ Cheiljedang Center in 2011. As the first flagship store in food industry, CJ FoodWorld is leading food culture trend in Korea, creating a place for customers to experience all aspects of food industry from a space to cultivate food ingredients such as barley, to restaurants, cafe, bakery, supermarket, and cooking studio.

Capture the World’s Tastes beyond Korea

Various brands of CJ Foodville have extended its business overseas beyond Korea to lead Korean food service industry. Beginning with its launch in the United States in 2004, TOUS les JOURS, a healthy bakery with different ingredients, has entered China, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia and plans to enter Singapore as well. Bibigo, a global Korean restaurant brand as a part of CJ’s Korean food globalization project, is currently operating stores in the United States, China, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam and the United Kingdom and plans to enter other countries in Europe and Asia to let customers experience Bibigo and Korean food culture everywhere around the world. VIPS and Twosome has also entered Chinese market, creating a synergy effect with existing TOUS les JOURS and Bibigo in China. Cheiljemyunso plans to enter England and the United States, too. CJ Foodville plays a key role in leading global food service business, providing Korean unique food service value to global market.